During the last autumn, Cocooning Love, a company specialized in the local design of effective, natural, and vegan cosmetics, sought our expertise for managing their Google advertising. Their ambition was to regain control of their account and data, gain a deeper understanding of their advertising performance, and significantly improve their return on advertising spend. At the end of the first two months of our collaboration, we are proud to have contributed to achieving an exceptional ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), surpassing their previous results. This success was made possible by implementing new, innovative, and targeted Google Ads strategies and campaigns.


What has been done


✔️ Complete revision of their Google Ads account settings.

✔️ Development of a strategic plan for keywords and creation of targeted ads.

✔️ Close collaboration with the Cocooning Love team for the design of advertising visuals.

✔️ Rigorous implementation and integration of the advertising strategy.

✔️ Constant monitoring of performance and detailed data analysis for continuous optimization.


How it turned out


🚀 An impressive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) exceeding 13 for the months of November and December.

🚀 Over 200 online transactions achieved through the campaigns.

🚀 Nearly 5800 website visits, generated by our targeted advertising efforts.

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