Élona Maternity: A Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of Over 6 in 3 Months

Case studies

January 20, 2024



For several months now, we have had the honor of collaborating with Élona Maternity, an innovative company specializing in the design of suitable and locally produced clothing for pregnant women and those in the breastfeeding period. During our first meeting, the founder aimed to significantly increase the company’s online sales while maintaining its profitability. We are proud to continue our partnership with this remarkable local company and to contribute, month after month, to achieving its ambitious goals.



What has been done


✔️ In-depth analysis of the company and its competitors to identify market-specific opportunities and challenges.

✔️ Development of a tailor-made Facebook advertising strategy, aimed at effectively positioning the company in the market and realizing its ambitions.

✔️ Creation of persuasive textual content and strategic advice for choosing impactful visuals.

✔️ Continuous testing of advertisements and audiences to optimize reach and effectiveness.

✔️ Provision of detailed performance reports, facilitating informed decision-making and a better understanding of the target clientele.

How it turned out


🚀 Achievement of an exceptional return on investment exceeding 6x during the last quarter of 2023.

🚀 Generation of more than 220 online transactions directly attributable to advertising campaigns.

🚀 Attraction of over 4600 website visits, reflecting a significant increase in online engagement.

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