Tamélo Boutique: A ROAS of Nearly 30 During Black Friday 2023

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January 20, 2024



During Black Friday 2023, we supported Tamélo Boutique through their biggest Black Friday event so far. The offer was a 30% discount on almost all products in the online store, and the goal was to exceed the previous year’s sales using Facebook & Instagram advertising while achieving a positive return on investment. Here’s what was done and how we managed to help the company reach its goal!



What has been done


✔️ Prepared Black Friday 2023 audiences several weeks in advance to maximize the impact of remarketing campaigns.

✔️ Created persuasive texts to accompany the client’s videos.

✔️ Set up campaigns based on client objectives and learning from the past.

✔️ Monitored campaigns diligently throughout the promotion.

✔️ Analyzed the results before making recommendations to the client for future promotions.


How it turned out


🚀 A return on investment of nearly $30 due to a cost per purchase of around $3.

🚀 Over 550 online purchases thanks to the advertisements.

🚀 162,000 impressions and over 1,800 website visits generated.

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