InfiniLASER Contest

infiniLASER: Nearly 300 participations in 10 days

Case studies

February 17, 2023



In September 2021, we accompanied infiniLASER in the development and promotion of a contest on social networks. The prize offered was a $500 credit on laser hair removal services and the objective was to maximize contest entries via the website.


What has been done


✔️ First, we helped the client choose the duration and investment for this contest according to their objectives.

✔️ We then proceeded to create the text and visuals for the advertising, taking into consideration the image and tone of the brand.

✔️ We launched the campaigns on the scheduled date and then optimized them until the end in order to maximize the number of contest entries.


How it turned out


🚀 Almost 300 participations were generated from the client’s website.

🚀 Over 5,000 clicks and 150,000 impressions were recorded.

🚀 Over 8,000 people were reached by the ads.

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