Francois Gagnon

François Gagnon: Over 700 leads in 5 months

Case studies

January 20, 2024



During the last semester of 2022, we helped François Gagnon, CPA, to collect a maximum number of prospects through the promotion of a free guide. The challenge was to address a particularly affluent business clientele in the client’s region.



What has been done


✔️ We suggested to the client the best marketing channel and marketing tools to start with according to his needs.

✔️ We created ad scripts and an email marketing sequence so that after viewing the free report, interested prospects could book a discovery call.

✔️ We helped the client set up his Facebook ad account and integrate it with other tools, so he could manage his leads with as much ease as possible.

✔️ We launched and optimized the advertising campaigns to maximize the client’s business objectives.

✔️ We analyzed the results and made new recommendations for future advertising campaigns.



How it turned out


🚀 Over 700 people downloaded the free guide.

🚀 Dozens of discovery calls were generated afterwards.

🚀 We reached about 200,000 users with the ads, helping to increase client awareness.


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