Ruby Brown: A ROAS of Nearly 4 in 3 Months


January 20, 2024



Last autumn, we were approached by entrepreneur Ruby Brown, eager to maximize sales for her luxury brand through Facebook advertising. Our primary challenge lay in maintaining the brand’s high-end image and tone while effectively targeting its clientele and generating a profitable return on investment. We are extremely proud to have not only met but exceeded our client’s goals during the last quarter of 2023, emphasizing her top-selling products and premium offers.


What has been done


✔️ Conducted an in-depth analysis of the company as well as its previous advertising campaigns.

✔️ Generated creative ideas for advertisements aimed at positioning the brand and increasing sales volume.

✔️ Worked closely with our client’s team to create persuasive copy and visuals.

✔️ Implemented Facebook advertising campaigns and continuously monitored their performance.

✔️ Provided strategic recommendations to our client to develop their strategy and maximize their return on investment.


How it turned out


🚀 A consistent increase in return on investment (ROI) over the past 3 months, reaching nearly 4 by the end of this growth period.

🚀 Generation of over 150 online purchases through Facebook advertisements.

🚀 Attraction of over 4000 website visits and recording of 430,000 ad views.

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